Oh My Heart!   | Food
Twenty four days later. I'm doing better. Four days left to go for the wedding. (I know it's still 5th of May but it's not so wrong to omit today! Ermm, well and don't count the final, 10th of May!) Some of you cannot imagine in what kind of a rush I can be. And some of you know it so well! Oh my! I've never worked that much hard and never done such a lot of house work in a week!  Devamı..
Orange Shortbread   | Food
It is a tradition to bring food to the family of the blessed at condolence visit in Turkey. There will be many visitors for condolence and some of them can be from different cities, and they may need something to eat. So neighbours cook for them as the family of the blessed will be too sad to deal with such stuff in general. After the funeral some families prefer to arrange a prayer night...  Devamı..
Crispy Hazelnut Cookies   | Food
Here again my lovely crispy hazelnut cookies! I guess I baked these cookies for six or seven times in a few months. They simply became one of my favourites. They are so crispy. Moreover they are so cute in shape, and easy to make. On the other hand I also understood that you need to practice even the simplest recipe as much as possible to reach the best solution.   Devamı..
Cranberry & Sundried Apricot Cookies   | Food
I LOVE cookies! Especially self-saucing cookies, fruity ones, and crispy&chewy cookies! I can't resist a cookie with a crispy out side which ends chewy inside.And this 'Cranberry & Sun-dried apricot cookies' recipe was the first recipe which I made up myself. What a happiness that I found the right amounts of the ingredients to my appetite.One of my friends asked if I still have the English version of those cookies. I had published that a long time ago...  Devamı..
Chunky Peanut Cookies   | Food
I baked these cookies four days ago, on Saturday, but they are still crispy, and smells peanut-y deeply. This is the first kind of a peanut butter cookie I baked. I really enjoyed the dough, and it was so pleasing when it was baking. The odour that filled the home was so cheerful to me!In fact this was a recipe of the book Australian Women's Weekly / Biscuits, Brownies & Biscotti, and the name of it was "Scorched Peanut Cookies"...  Devamı..

Banu Bingor
So Cocoa!
Fatma ~ Welcome and thank you :) You can never be sure about the taste till you give a try yourself :) »»
So Cocoa!
a very beautiful image I was very curious about the taste of »»
Banu Bingör
Hello World!
Jenn ~ Thank you my dear! I'll soon be posting about all those details :) »»
Hello World!
This is great! Everything looks so wonderful! »»
Banu Bingor
So Cocoa!
Hello Kelly! Wow it's so exciting to recieve a commen after months! Even I haven't written smth new yet! :)) Thank you so much. This comment of yours gonna be a great courage to me! Please stay  »»
So Cocoa!
Wow what a great recipe, this looks fantastic! Such a cute blog you have, so glad to be your newest follower! xoxo »»


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