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It was a nice weekend. Not so cold, rather sunny, without rain nor winds. It was just like an early spring!

I went out for walks at the coast, and to Bagdat Avenue. I bought a few books. As I mentioned before I finished reading Lord of the Flies, and decided to buy one as a gift to my best friend, too. I also bought two children's classics: "Treasure Island" by Stevenson and "Coral Island" by Ballantyne (unabridged Turkish translations) for myself! This may sound a bit odd but I love children's books as much as other kinds of novels. On the other hand a children's book is not always just for kids. I started reading Coral Island today, and funny but I realised that I missed such adventures!

Not only books but also I bought a couple of movie dvds as well. They are "Stranger Than Paradise" by Jim Jarmusch, and "East of Bucharest" by Corneliu Porumboiu. Oh I do reccomend you Stranger Than Paradise. This is the first time I've seen a Jarmusch movie, and I simply love it.

It gives you a chance of thinking about being "the other" in a culture, and also the meaning of getting well with someone... Do you need to talk to understand a good friend? Or sometimes is it just looks what make you know what he/she thinks/feels? Do we always need to chat for hours when we're together? Or is it possible to share the bore of silence? A different cinematographic way of exposition with a stunningly simple final which will probably make you give a sigh of 'shit!!!' haha!

I haven't watched other one yet. I'll tell about it as soon as I watch.

Did I keep away from the kitchen? No! Baked & cooked delicate citrus sweet things this weekend!

A puffy, soft lemon cake... And an old friend, semolina pudding with homemade lemon jelly! Tangy yum!

I had given the basic recipe of the semolina pudding before, however I couldn't share a photo that day. This time I tried it with a different topping which is a heaven to the sour-tooth among you, my dears. Oh by the way, you may remember that our neighbour Fusun had brought us ashure last week. Here in Turkey, when someone/a neighbour gives you a dish/food it's a tradition to fill the dish with something you cook/bake or put a small gift when giving his/her dish back. So we filled Fusun's ashure bowl with the semolina pudding as you see in the photo :)

The cake recipe is not from a book or blog. It's just a recipe I tried/made up myself, and the result is succesful. I don't know what kind of cakes you like the best, but cake is a difficult issue to me. I don't like dry, choking cakes. Who loves such, huh? Maybe a cannot describe well but a cake must be soft like velvet, and puffy to touch to me. Let's say like a much more moist sponge cake. And yes, I achive it with this try.

Before the recipes here is a song, Melao de Cana by Celia Cruz. Cuban music goes well with baking!

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Banu Bingor
So Cocoa!
Fatma ~ Welcome and thank you :) You can never be sure about the taste till you give a try yourself :) »»
So Cocoa!
a very beautiful image I was very curious about the taste of »»
Banu Bingör
Hello World!
Jenn ~ Thank you my dear! I'll soon be posting about all those details :) »»
Hello World!
This is great! Everything looks so wonderful! »»
Banu Bingor
So Cocoa!
Hello Kelly! Wow it's so exciting to recieve a commen after months! Even I haven't written smth new yet! :)) Thank you so much. This comment of yours gonna be a great courage to me! Please stay  »»
So Cocoa!
Wow what a great recipe, this looks fantastic! Such a cute blog you have, so glad to be your newest follower! xoxo »»


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