Cooking Olive Oil   | Food
Olive oil is the unique and necessary item of the Mediterranean cuisine, and also of course for Turkish cuisine, especially in the western coasts of Turkey. The olive oil world is of a big veriety of kinds; but there are three main types of it. Virgin olive oil, refined olive oil, and pure olive oil. (Pure olive oil is also called as 'riviera'. These three types also have some sub-types, like extra virgin, or ordinary virgin etc.   Devamę..
Cooking Turkish Today   | Food
I cooked 'Turkish' today. What do you figure when you heard 'Turkish Cuisine'? Do you just recall doner and other kebabs? Or something more? I know it's a bit complicated as it's a mixture of diffirent cultures, but all in balance. Turkish cuisie carries the heritage of old Middle Asia customs (with dishes containing yogurt, bulghur, weath), also contains touch of old Persian culture (meat with sweets), and of course inside the Mediterranean cuisine.   Devamę..

Banu Bingor
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Fatma ~ Welcome and thank you :) You can never be sure about the taste till you give a try yourself :) »»
So Cocoa!
a very beautiful image I was very curious about the taste of »»
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Jenn ~ Thank you my dear! I'll soon be posting about all those details :) »»
Hello World!
This is great! Everything looks so wonderful! »»
Banu Bingor
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Hello Kelly! Wow it's so exciting to recieve a commen after months! Even I haven't written smth new yet! :)) Thank you so much. This comment of yours gonna be a great courage to me! Please stay  »»
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Wow what a great recipe, this looks fantastic! Such a cute blog you have, so glad to be your newest follower! xoxo »»


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