This is me, Banu, whom most of you knows well, and some of you have no idea about!

Born in Istanbul in October 16, 1983. Have been living in Istanbul since then. Got a degree on sociology (from Istanbul University)in 2005. Later on I joined the master’s degree program on my major however I couldn’t stand the period at the end of the 3rd year of master’s. I’ve given a break for the thesis (which is on ‘Social change and food culture’). Edit: Today is July 31, 2012, and I am going back to university to finish my master's degree!

I decided to get married in this break time. I got married to Feridun Bingor on 10th of May 2009. This means that I'm now cooking in my own kitchen!

There is a great love of Istanbul inside me and my husband however living in a big city sometimes sucks! That’s why we never pass a chance of little breaks, short trips or long vacations whenever we have time. You are going to read my notes about our previous or new trips in this blog, too.

We have been planning to start a job -not surprising but it was supposed to be on ‘gourmet teas & coffees’, and organic food- however life makes bigger plans then us! A big surprise to us but now we’re waiting a baby! Probably be born in February 2011. We do not know the gender yet, however his/her name is ready: Ege! (The Turkish name of the Aegean Sea/Region in which I and my husband are in love!) Edit: Today is July 31, 2012. Ege was born on 29th of January 2001, and it's a boy! :)

Another target of us is to move to Izmir, the pearl city of Aegean region in Turkey. We hope our baby, Ege, will grow up there happily, however we have no idea when we will ever be able to leave Istanbul. Edit: Today is July 31, 2012 and we both know we will not ever leave Istanbul! :)

I love food. Anything about food. I love sharing information and experience about food as well. That’s why I call myself not a gourmet (but) a ‘foodie’.

Life is full of miracles, and food is just a piece of them. So I try not to skip a single chance to have my share on this magic world.

Now you are in the world of a lunatic foodie. You will find my other interests, and things I love as you start reading my blog. I hope you will all have a good time here, and join the crowd who loves me!


Banu Bingor
So Cocoa!
Fatma ~ Welcome and thank you :) You can never be sure about the taste till you give a try yourself :) »»
So Cocoa!
a very beautiful image I was very curious about the taste of »»
Banu Bingör
Hello World!
Jenn ~ Thank you my dear! I'll soon be posting about all those details :) »»
Hello World!
This is great! Everything looks so wonderful! »»
Banu Bingor
So Cocoa!
Hello Kelly! Wow it's so exciting to recieve a commen after months! Even I haven't written smth new yet! :)) Thank you so much. This comment of yours gonna be a great courage to me! Please stay  »»
So Cocoa!
Wow what a great recipe, this looks fantastic! Such a cute blog you have, so glad to be your newest follower! xoxo »»


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